September 24, 2013 - Take Action - Submit your REPLY in the FCC’s latest proceeding FCC 13-39 on its Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation exposure policy.

The REPLY deadline is November 1, 2013.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Try to submit your REPLY before Halloween.

You will be submitting REPLY in two FCC Dockets - ET Docket No. 03-137 and ET Docket No. 13-84.

We request that you submit a REPLY in support of The EMR Policy Institute’s Comment. A synopsis of EMRPI’s full COMMENT is provided in Key Points of The EMR Policy Institute Comment Filed in FCC 13-39.

Your REPLY can be a simple statement that you endorse the COMMENT filed by The EMR Policy Institute in ET Docket No. 03-137 and ET Docket No. 13-84.

You can submit more than one REPLY. We encourage you to also submit REPLY in support of:

COMMENT of Cindy Sage and David O. Carpenter, Co-Editors, The BioInitiative Report 2007 and 2012.

COMMENT of Sage, Hardell, Herbert on RF Radiation Effects on Sperm, Reproduction, Brain Tumors, Adverse Fetal and Neonatal Effects, and Autism.

COMMENT of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Using the FCC webpage submission form requires that you attach your REPLY either in WORD or PDF. To do so, be sure you use either the template for individuals or the template for organizations for the first page of your REPLY. PDF is the most secure form as no one can make changes to your REPLY after you submit it.

FCC electronic filing web form

Steps for using the FCC electronic filing web form:
• First fill in the box for the Proceeding Number with 03-137. Then click on the link <Add Another Proceeding> as you also type in 13-84.

• In the Contact Info section type in your name in the <Name of Filer> box and your e-mail address in the <Email Address> Box.

• In the Details section ignore Exparte Presentation. For <Type of Filing>, choose REPLY from the drop-down list. In the File Number box type – 13-39. Ignore the Report Number and Bureau ID Number boxes.

• In the Address section you want <Address for: Filer>. Most of you will also want <Address Type: US Address>. Then type in your own address information in the remaining boxes in this section.

• In the Document(s) section click on the Browse button and find the name of your REPLY document where you have saved it on your computer in your own Folders. Click on the name of your REPLY document. If you have additional information that you wish to submit such as some kind of Exhibit, click on the <Add Another Attachment> link and follow the same procedure.

• If you have made an error, click on <Reset> at the bottom of the page to clear the form and start over.

• Lastly click on the <Continue> button at the bottom of the page to review your submittal and to finish the process.

• Print out the confirmation page so that you have a record of the number assigned to your submittal.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Try to submit your REPLY in Support of the EMRPI. Reply before Halloween.

July 8, 2013 REMINDER - Take Action to Oppose Thomas E. Wheeler for FCC Chairman

As of July 8, there is still no date for the vote to confirm the nominations of Thomas Wheeler for FCC Chairman. There is still time for you to contact Senators to oppose this nomination.

The Wheeler confirmation hearing for FCC Chairman at the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation was held on June 18th. View the archived Wheeler hearing webcast .

Take these steps NOW to oppose the Wheeler nomination. Even if you already have, you can send your messages again if you so choose.

The contact e-mail addresses were updated on June 20, 2013. Staff turnover is a regular event in Congress, so a few of these e-mail addresses may have changed.

First Step - Send an e-mail NOW to all the Members of the Senate Commerce Committee to voice your opposition to the Wheeler nomination. Your e-mail should be sent to the Telecommunications staff person for each Committee member. This Commerce Committee e-mail list provides all the information you will need.

Your message can be as simple as this. You are free to use this example:

I request that you vote to OPPOSE the nomination of Thomas Wheeler for Chairman of the FCC. Mr. Wheeler’s actions in his twelve years as President of the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association (CTIA) present too great a conflict of interest for him to be responsible for regulating the wireless industry after being its chief lobbyist from 1992-2004.

Cell phone health effects research is one key example of Mr. Wheeler’s conflict of interest. While President of the CTIA Mr. Wheeler’s actions regarding the CTIA-sponsored cell phone health effects research program were strongly criticized by FDA’s Elizabeth Jacobson. As reported by RCR Wireless News :

Ms. Jacobson criticized Wheeler in a July 1993 letter for making press statements about industry-funded cellular cancer research that displayed “an unwarranted confidence that these products will be found to be absolutely safe.”

Jacobson also said in that letter that readers of CTIA press material might “wonder how impartial the research can be when its stated goal is ‘a determination to reassure consumers,’ and when the research sponsors predict in advance that ‘we expect the new research to reach the same conclusion, that cellular phones are safe.”‘

This history makes Mr. Wheeler the wrong choice to oversee the FCC’s current rulemaking to update its radiofrequency radiation human exposure policy.

See The EMRadiation Policy Institute’s opposition letter for Mr. Wheeler’s history as the principal lobbyist for the wireless industry from 1992-2004 and the influence he had on provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Scientists from the BioInitiative Working Group have sent a letter to the members of Commerce Committee asking them to reject Mr. Wheeler’s nomination.

Second Step – Send an e-mail NOW to all 100 Senators’ Telecommunications Staff person. Use the same message that you sent to the Commerce Committee Members. Should Mr. Wheeler’s nomination be approved by the Commerce Committee, it must then be approved by the entire Senate. This can transpire with very short notice. This e-mail list of all Senators’ telecom staff provides all of those e-mail addresses.

Should you prefer to call the Senate offices, this list provides the telephone number for each Senator’s office in Washington DC.

Thank you for taking action now.


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